Common Questions About Picture Frames

1. What are the standard picture frame dimensions/sizes?

Picture frames come in a wide variation of sizes and different dimension to fit any size picture. Using a mat board, you can achieve the look you want. The standard sizes are the, 4” x 6”, 5” x 7” and the 8” x 10” frames. There are also panoramic picture frames that are of standard size or you can order any size you need.

If you are looking for a mat board to go around your picture, you will want to buy a frame that is larger than your picture. You can also order custom made frames to match your pictures.

2. Can picture frames be recycled?

Glass picture frames are not recyclable unless you have a glass only dumpster in your town. Metal and wood frames are recyclable. As long as the wood frame is made with untreated wood, it can be recycled. Any wood frame that is treated with varnish is painted or gilded will need to go in the trash. Metal frames are a valuable material, and metal can be recycled many times over.

3. What materials are picture frames made from?

Frames for pictures are made of many different kinds of materials. Wood frames are the most common. Many silver and gold picture frames are really made of gilded wood. Some frames are made of canvas, metal, plastic, paper Mache, glass or paper, and other products.

4. Can picture frames be painted?

Almost any picture frame can be painted. Metal or wood frames can be painted using spray paint. Spray paint will give you an even finish when it is done. Make sure you let each coat dry completely before you apply a second coat.

Plastic frames can be painted. A fresh coat of paint will make any plastic frame look like it is not plastic. The only thing you need to do is to remember to use a paint that is made especially for plastic. Some paints just will not stick to plastic unless you use a primer first.

As with all frames, you should clean the frame first before painting. You should cover all the hardware with petroleum jelly in case you get paint on the pieces. This will help in getting any spills or splashes off the hardware.

5. Can picture frames be mailed?

UPS, FedEx, or USPS will help you determine the cost for shipping for the size of your frame. USPS will not ship frames over a certain size. FedEx will pack for you and charges by size and weight. UPS deals mostly with weight when figuring out the cost.

Make sure the box you choose for your frame to be shipped is larger than your frame. You will want to protect the corners with bubble wrap and put cardboard corner protectors on the corners. Use plenty of tape on the corners.

6. Can you put picture frames in the bathroom?

You may want to decorate your bathroom with certain pictures in frames. What you need to remember is that the moisture from the bathroom can creep into the frame. This can ruin your pictures with mold, and the mold can grow in other parts of your bathroom.

There is a solution if you really want to hang pictures in your bathroom. Make sure you use a metal frame. Metal frames are aluminum and they can hold up to the changing temperatures of the room.

Do not use a picture that you only have one of. To protect what you do use, use an acrylic cover instead of glass. Acrylic will let some moisture in but it will also pass through and prevent the buildup of moisture that creates mold.

If you really have a certain picture you want in the bathroom, professionals have ways to frame your valuable pictures into a sealed enclosure.

Post time: Aug-25-2022