Household adorn article how collocation ability gives prize ?

A home is more than just a house; it is a creative space where guests can be entertained and family time can be spent.  Comfortable color, practical layout, are the standard of modern urban household.

When you putting household ornaments,  except a sense of symmetry and balance,  to keep consistent with the overall household style is also very important .

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Some consumer more slant depended on to buy full suit of furniture in order to save trouble and also save time , move the store straight their home directly . but finally whole space always feels too drab after entering, cannot realize anticipated effect.  If you’re planning to buy some accessories to make your home look more colorful in the near future, we have a few suggestions to help you not get lost .

If you want to use adorn article to let a space look not drab not trivially, need to master a few adorn article collocation skill.  Above all to act the role of a few household adorn article combination together, make it becomes the one part of visual focus, sense of symmetrical balance is very important.  When there is large furniture on the side, the order that arranges should be by tall arrive low, appear incongruous feeling on avoiding vision.  Or it is to maintain the center of gravity that act the role of two article is consistent, for example, the lamps and lanterns with two identical styles are apposition, the pillow that pattern of two colour and lustre is identical is held in the arms side by side, not only can make a harmonious rhythmical feeling so, still can give a person auspicious sweet experience.

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Second step, find out rough style and tonal first, according to this unified fundamental key will decorate not easy to go wrong.  For example, in contracted household space, the household that has design feeling acts the role of article suits the individual character of whole space very much;  If it is a natural country style, it is based on natural wind home accessories.  Place act the role ofing, embrace pillow, tablectowel, small pendant act the role ofing wait for medium and small adorn the sheet that is the easiest to get started decorate, decorate the person that enter the door can start from these first, diffuse slowly to large furniture display again.

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In addition, every season has the household of appropriate color and design act the role of article, the household cloth that needs to change different style only art for example hold pillow or bed is tasted, can transform gives different amorous feelings, finish more economy, easier than changing furniture.  In spring, choose fresh flower patterns, spring is full of air;  In summer, choose fresh fruit or flower patterns;  Autumn and winter can be changed into a fluffy pillow, warm winter .

I hope my collocation suggestions can bring you some new decoration inspiration.



Post time: Jun-01-2022