Spring 2022 New product – Photo frame, Serving tray, Wall decoration letters

Since the outbreak, people's travel has been affected and restricted, and many people are spending this free time making improvements to their homes, from changing the layout of their rooms to upgrading various furniture. More and more people want their homes to tell a story, because home is where their heart is.

No matter from the product pricing, or from the appearance design, wooden crafts is always the first choice of people. It is because of these classic and creative products, so that wooden crafts have become eternal popular, has become an indispensable part of people's life. Here are our company's new products for spring 2022 home decor :

1 )  360 degress Rotating Picture 

It consists with muultiple double-sided frames on same size, support rotate 360 degree, elegantly and sturdily display precious moments and artworks, shows 2 pictures at a time side-by-side, it is the best choice to save money and save space .


2 ) 180 degress Rotating Picture 

Hinged Four Picture Frames it is pentafolded, with high-quality materials, Delicate Design, and Easy use, you can save enough precious memories. But if you don’t want to show so much, you can also put it away partially.

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3 ) Tiered Tray 

Tiered tray decor set including 3pcs farmhouse tired trays in different size, Complement your home decoration seamlessly with the gorgeous Jinnhome three tier tray & its rustic finish, You can easily assemble the round tiered stand by following the simple steps You can easily assemble the round tiered stand by tthe simple steps .

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4 ) Wood Home Decor Letters

Welcome your guests with the Decorative Wood Home Sign for Wall Decor with Artificial Eucalyptus wreath, bringing a comfortable, welcoming and warm atmosphere to your home. It with the durable & reliable quality and wide application, it is a fabulous gift idea !

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Do you have a favorite ?  pls tell me what you like !

Post time: Mar-23-2022