The classification of photo frames

Modern people pay more and more attention to home decoration. Living rooms, bedrooms, study rooms, long and monotonous corridors and stairs, and places closest to the scenery are all good places to put picture frames. The types of photo frames are also changing according to the needs of consumers, with different materials and different styles. 

According to the production materials, photo frames can be divided into many types: wooden photo frames, glass photo frames, plastic photo frames, resin photo frames, digital photo frames, and metal photo frames . Different materials of photo frame has its different visual effects on the product, and each material also has its own advantages, so we should choose the most suitable style according to our needs when buying a photo frame, and to choose a professional supplier is also a key step to buyer.

wooden photo frame It is a kind of wide range of use so far. It is not only economical and practical, but also has high creation in shape and color. It is not restricted by abrasive tools, and usually the MOQ is not high ;

collage frame  This frame is very suitable for landscapes and family photo combinations ;

shadow box  It looks more three-dimensional than other frames, it can be used as a coin saving box as well ;

other frames  Including a variety of themed baby, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas and so on, we can also customize other theme frames according to your needs .

Glass frame it is made of glass as the main body through multiple processes. It is colorful, noble and elegant, and is suitable for decoration of weddings, banquets and other scenes.

plastic frame  The biggest advantage is that it is light and cost is cheap, and it has no restrictions on the color, but it needs a tools to make it, so the initial investment will be relatively high.

Metal and aluminium frame surface color  is processed by the electroplating process, which can be smooth, matte, or brushed, usually suitable for museums, hotels, movie theaters and other spaces.

resin photo frame is non-toxic and harmless, and has a strong humanistic atmosphere. It integrates modern art and antique art, which can reflect the owner's elegant taste.

Digital photo frame is to display the photos through the LCD screen, its photos are not paper, it is more flexible than ordinary photo frames.


If you still have unclear or difficult to choose a best suitable frame for yourself,  if feel free to contact us , we will provide you the complete service from inquiry, custom,  production and shipment till your door .

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Post time: Jan-04-2022