What kind of wooden money saving box is your favorite?

What kind of wooden money savings box is your favorite?

Some customers like the simple style, and the pure white style brings a fresh feeling. Some customers prefer the color of pure natural wood. We hereby analyze the preferences of different customers in their respective markets.

1: White Shadow Money box 

Especially customers in the Australian market, who like all blanks, may pay more attention to the storage function of this piggy bank, and have less requirements for appearance. After consumers receive the styles, they use paints, brushes or other printed patterns themselves.

2:Wooden Natural Shadow box 

Customers in European and American markets have high requirements for product quality and usually require various certifications, such as EN71, CE, BSCI, etc. This requires the factory to have a strict and complete quality management system.

3:4 Collage Wooden Design Box

Customers in other Asian markets, their demand for savings boxes is not very large. They are more inclined towards complex styles and a little retro luxury products. But the simple and low-priced savings box is also a way for them to use it as a promotional gift, which is very suitable.

Below is a list of several best-selling styles, I hope you like them.


Post time: Mar-07-2022