Why we choose Bamboo?

There is no place like your home. It’s where you love to arrive, never want to leave and where beautiful things are a way of life.

Why we choose Bamboo?

Bamboo is gentler on knives than plastic. It’s also easier to clean and maintain than hardwood. Bamboo is grass , therefore, its roots remain and quickly regrows after harvest. It’s grown organically without artificial irrigation or re-planting.

Bamboo products are very rich. Bamboo dinner plates and fruit turntables in various lovely shapes are especially popular with children, Wooden serving tray, Bamboo cosmetic boxes, vanity mirror stands, bamboo mobile phone racks, and some kitchen products, such as wine racks, spice racks, dessert tables, bamboo cutting boards, and pizza plates.

They all look beautiful and trendy, whether they’re on your counter or on your table as a serving platter. Enjoy the varied designs for different occasions.




Just follow these guidelines to keep it looking new:

Clean after each use, especially if wet.

Handwash with mild soap and water.

Wipe or air dry completely.

Re-season with mineral oil as needed.

You love your home, and so do we. From kitchen to dining room to home spa, we help you turn your space into a thing of beauty. That’s why we design functional accessories and expressive décor pieces that put the art in your home.

Post time: Oct-10-2022