Wooden Photo Frame

Frames for pictures are made of many different kinds of materials. Wooden photo frames are the most common and look great in most situations. They are relatively lightweight, making them perfect for hanging on the wall. In addition, they stand up well to being moved and dropped. If you do ding or damage your frame, it may simply add character and interest to it.

Generally for wooden photo frame, we provide MDF and real wood. And for real wood, there are bamboo, pine wood, Cunninghamia wood and other type. These are very sturdy materials and will last for a long time. One of the main reasons that people opt for bamboo frames is because of the interesting texture. It will add a lot of visual interest to your photograph and ensure that it stands out.

One of the features of wooden photo frame is that it can be engraved by a professional is a great way to make it truly yours and one of a kind. You have a professional personalize it for you with custom engraving. This makes for an amazing gift as the recipient will really feel as though you were thinking about him or her.