022 MAISON & OBJET AUTUMN will be held on 8/Sep to 12/Sep in Paris, France.  At present, preparations are being carried out in an orderly manner.

MAISON & OBJET and MEUBLE PARIS are home decoration and furniture exhibitions with international positioning, attracting high-quality professional designers and industry celebrities from all over the world.

The introduce of the exhibition:
Why to participate in Paris fashion home decoration exhibition MAISON&OBJET?
1. MAISON&OBJET is the leading exhibition in the French home decoration and design circle. It is held by SAFI in January and September each year during the Paris fashion and design show. I can experience a different Paris by visiting innovative designs.

2. Paris, France as the world’s only set top design elite, link in interior design and fashion of life of the world’s major exhibitions, Paris fashion household design exhibition in the professional technology,   solutions and case analysis provide a communication platform for you, and you understand an excellent chance to household to design new trend. A variety of interior furnishings give the space a unique   style and allow you to enjoy a high quality lifestyle during the exhibition. MAISON&OBJET is dedicated to presenting the creativity of designers to every audience, and then creating a grand ceremony of     design and luxury living aesthetics. Participating in this exhibition will add a new color to your fashion design field, and also enable you to gain more friends during the exhibition.

Exhibits range
National customs museum: integrate the inspiration and concept of multi-ethnic decoration;
Textile Gallery: top home textile daily necessities and cloth ornaments, household textile decoration, etc.;
Cooking and design museum: around the table, kitchen, gourmet art of life decoration;
Decoration Museum: a comprehensive display of the home, home decoration field of new window city and contemporary decoration, curtains, cloth art, etc.;
Art and handicraft Exhibition: the unique works of designers, craftsmen, artists and exquisite handicraft creativity, modern concept of fashion and beauty blend, through the most fashionable accessories, etc.;
Interior furnishings art: display international famous home furnishing brands, home decoration, etc.

Exhibition scale

Exhibition area: 130,000 square meters

Number of exhibitors: 1900

Visitors: 78,500

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Let’s look forward to the wonderful exhibition this year !

Post time: Aug-09-2022