Home Organizer Skills You Have to Know

A clean and tidy living environment must be the pursuit of all people. But for some reasons we usually have trouble keeping our house in order. Some people have no time because they are busy with work, and some people just donot know how to organize. Don’t look at the storage is an easy thing, if you want to do it well, not only takes time, but also needs a certain professional knowledge.

1 ) Kitchen Organizer 

Bamboo serving tray 

Tiered serving tray

     If you have a well-organized kitchen, you can have a well-organized life .

    The function of kitchen is cooking, all sorts of kitchenwareof pots and pans undertake according to the program then cooking then, 

    Wash immediately after use and put things back where they came from.

厨房 (1) 厨房 (2)


2 ) Bedroom Organizer

Make up organizer drawer

     The bedroom is our main resting place every day, If the bedroom is messy , let a person feel bored, then the quality of life can be imagined.

     Iron bed sheets and pillowcases frequently,

     or put some of your favorite things in the bedroom can make the mood every day become very happy.

卧室 (1) 卧室 (2)


3 ) Living room Organizer

organizer trayer

 Vinyl Record Storage

tea bag organizer box

      Because the living room of each family is very different, Letting things go where they belong is the heart of living room organizing.

客厅 (1) 客厅 (2)


4 ) Bathroom Organizer

     Just follow three rules, even if a women with a lot of stuff should know how to clean her bathroom

    1. Everything has its place

   2.  In and out

   3.  Do you feel good when you see it out there ?


Although the whole idea may not a big idea, it will take a lot of time and energy to actually apply it to your life. But just categorizing things is enough to drive a lot of people crazy . As long as you can stick to this way of storage, you can work once and benefit all your life. In other words, this is a once and for all approach to storage. ”When anything new comes into my house, I know immediately where to put it . So when I need anything, I can find it within 30 seconds.” An efficient storage method can greatly improve the efficiency of life, but also can increase the satisfaction of life .

Post time: Sep-14-2022