If more mirrors in your sweet home

If you put more mirrors in your house, the whole house will be full of laughter. Happy laughter and cheerful voices.

When they first fell in love, the young girl stood in front of the full body mirror, showing her newly bought clothes and her increasingly beautiful face. Enjoying the sweet life brought by love.

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When they first got married, the bride wore a beautiful wedding dress, held her dear husband in her arm, and hugged happily in front of the mirror.

When she was pregnant, the mother with a huge belly gently stroked the baby, trying to pass on the hope and expectation.

The baby was born. She climbed in front of the mirror and looked at himself curiously in the mirror. She felt that the whole world was wonderful. There was an identical baby in the mirror.

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She slowly grew up, began to learn to dance in front of the mirror, stood on tiptoe, and the whole world was under my feet. My mother held my hand and taught me how to spin.

The story is still going on, and our happy life is still going on……


Post time: Sep-08-2022