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My 4-year-old son is basically an art making machine these days and I love it! I’ve always tried to have some art projects going since she was little, but if you’ve attempted arts/crafts with a toddler or small kid then you know the attention span for it can be pretty hit or miss.

It seems, however, that she’s hit a sweet spot of really enjoying all the coloring and painting time we can throw at her at preschool or at home, and she’s starting taping up her projects all over the house as soon as she completes her creations.

but with the birth of this product which help you achieve the thought  to display artworks and collect artworks at the same time, so that your children’s works are no longer lost, but also can be freely changeable anytime and anywhere, it is not only a work of art, correctly said is an excellent home storage tool .

Show off the most precious artwork by your budding little artist. Instead of hiding it or tacking it to the refrigerator where it can easily get damaged, display your child’s art with pride. The unique front opening makes it easy to switch out your very prolific little one’s artwork. Display their drawings, paintings, mixed media pieces, or even your favorite photos. Six pieces of plastic tabs along the inner edge holds artwork in place when the frame door is open, it also with foam cubes in the box which will be acted as a spring to keep push forward the print to the front window , and the strong magnetic closure keeps the door closed once the chosen display is in place. The built-in easel stand makes these ready to display on any tabletop straight out of the box, or you can use the pre-installed sawtooth hanger for easy wall hanging. The affordable 8×11.5″ frames come in a smooth black or white finish with crystal clear 1mm plexiglass to protect your art. Easily display your frame horizontally or vertically on a table, counter, or wall. First Impressions Kids Art Frames make it easy to rotate the art in your home. It support to storage at least 50 prints at one time.

  • This child artwork display frame gives your little one’s art the attention it deserves; Simple and easy to swap out pictures, drawings or paintings; Helps keep your refrigerator door free of clutter
  • 1mm crystal clear plexiglass front with a sturdy backing board and a magnetic closure to keep the frame door closed, plastic tabs hold the art in place when the door is open

Swap out your children’s artwork quickly and easily with the front-load design, just open the frame’s door.

Kids art frame 

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Post time: Feb-21-2023