What do foreigners expect you to give them?

Exotic, individual, common, practical

First of all, foreigners like fresh, exotic things, which are almost impossible to buy in China. For example, if you send Lao Gan Ma a pile of hot pot base ingredients, they can actually buy them at a reasonable price in China Super.Second, white people are more interested in individuality, in other words, they like things that are "unique". True luxury, at least for the pretentious British, is custom-made and has a personal stamp.Savile Row's bespoke suits are far more high-end than Armani's Made Tomeasure, Ettinger's own choice of leather and colours, and the embroidered name wallet are certainly more stylish than Barbera's.Brigg's customized umbrella is certainly superior to Fox's mass-produced skull.Finally, foreigners like things that they can use (at least occasionally), and they don't like things that are too highbrow even when they are tired, such as ink stones and writing brushes.This kind of mistake is just like the cultural export route of our country. The first step is to complete tai Chi, Kunqu opera and other high standards that most Chinese people do not touch. Although the original intention is sincere, the threshold is too high, which scares people away.Just like when we do exam papers, too simple questions will make people feel boring, too difficult questions will directly make people's mind explosion, and only moderately difficult questions will stimulate people's subjective initiative.So it's very important to strike a balance between practicality and acceptance.

Post time: Dec-13-2021