Where Can You Put a Mirror in a Bedroom?

The ideal place for a mirror in a bedroom is in a place where you can stand back far enough to see your entire self in it.  That’s ideal; it’s not always possible.  Regardless, below we set out some options, many of which are space-saving options for mirror placement in small bedrooms.

2 main types of mirrors for a bedroom:

On the Wall

An obvious option is to hang a full-length mirror somewhere in the bedroom where you have some clearance in front of it.

Next to the bed

You can hang a mirror or use a free-standing mirror next to the bed. It’s actually a good place for a mirror because usually there’s quite a bit of clearance to stand a bit further back in this location given you’ll have at least the length of the bed as clearance distance.


The corner can offer both function and aesthetic. It can dress up the corner of a bedroom like the example above but also provide a good place to check yourself out.

 On a vanity

A great place for a secondary mirror is on top of a vanity (or bedroom desk) with a chair so that you can sit down and carefully look at your hair and face.

On the door

Hanging a door mirror on the inside door of your bedroom is a great space-saving option. Most bedrooms have a door and if tight on space, you can hang a full-length mirror on the door. The downside is it doesn’t look very good. You could get a custom door made with a mirror built in which would look better but if going to that expense you might as well find a better solution.

On an Armoire

If you buy a large armoire, you could place a mirror on the inside of a door, the side of the wardrobe or on the front. A wardrobe offers some excellent mirror placement options. I like armoires because they look good and offer a lot more clothing storage.  Getting one with a mirror is a great idea for a full-length bedroom mirror.

Above a dresser

Most bedrooms have a dresser so hanging or sitting a mirror on top of it is not a bad way to get a mirror in the bedroom. It’s not to the floor which is the biggest problem but it can do. If you get a mirror coated dresser, then you have a full length (although it won’t be nearly as helpful as a real full-length mirror.

Where’s a bad place to put a mirror in the bedroom?

Any place where the light on you is bad (you’ll never be happy with how you look) and if there isn’t sufficient clearance to get a good look at yourself.  These are two main considerations when placing a mirror in your bedroom.

What’s my favorite place for a mirror in the bedroom?

It really depends on the bedroom. I like the idea of a mirror on a closet door since it kills two birds with one stone. However, a long freestanding mirror can be moved around which can be convenient. Come to think of it, there’s no reason you can’t have both. And then I like the look of a nicely framed mirror on the wall.

I’m not terribly particular except that I much, much, much prefer full-length mirrors regardless of which type I get and where I put it.

Post time: Dec-19-2022